More on that fitness thang

So.. I was briefly BRIEFLY discussing my new passion for fitness and health with my brother and law and he made the comment that he wonders if people overcomplicate their diets. He prefaced this comment with explaining himself as a caveat in that he has fabulous genes and has been committed to track since before high school. He also made this comment in reference to someone he knows who is vegan and has considerable health issues in spite of it. I understand where he is coming from and it remains to be seen where my research takes me into the land of dieting (more on the word diet later), but I had to disagree with the statement that people over complicate their diet. I feel that the reality is quite the opposite. Now living in the USA where obesity is an epidemic I feel that the tendency leans towards a “see food” diet rather than time spent calculating every micronutrient. I think many people over simplify their diet and consume in a rather unconscious way. And this not only applied to food but also to consuming stuff, creating waste, and even time. Im not advocating for a strict schedule where ever minute of ones life is accounted for however a certain consciousness of ones surroundings accompanied by a healthy dose of balance. Consider the things you are putting into your body because you are what you eat. Consider how you spend your time because you are defined by your actions. Consider how you treat the planet you live on because it is your home. Be conscious, learn balance, do your own research and come to your own resolve. Listen to your body. 

The other concept that keeps coming to mind as I am writing about fitness is that of imperfect progress. Imperfect progress was an idea that was presented to me just this year while driving to work. I was listening to K love and they were explaining it. I don’t remember exactly what the woman said but I took it to mean that improvement is still improvement. We are human and we make mistakes and we are rather incapable of absolutes. Taking positive steps with set backs is still progress. No reason to sit in the dust and watch the band wagon roll away. Its still driving even if you fall off and have to jump back on again… see where I’m going with this? For myself its something I first implemented in my spiritual life but it has spilled over into the rest of my life. Likely because ones spirituality is an essential part of ones being. My new lifestyle changes have sparked a new understanding for why God chose to put his creations in these well designed bodies. There is a connection. 

Thats all for now 🙂



     So… I like to start entries with So.. I tend to do it all the time. You may think its poor grammar and one day I might agree with you but for now, my blog my rules. Speaking of my rules. That is what this blog is going to be like. A place where I can break all the rules. If I want to post a recipe now and then or turn it into a food blog entirely that is what I will do. If I want to preach about anything under the sun to whoever stumbles across my page I will do that. You have the option of reading it so if you don’t like it respectfully disagree or discontinue your visits. This blog will be about whatever I choose but if I spend any more time trying to narrow it down its just not going to happen. It will lack organization and it may at times not even make sense, but its mine and I will express myself how I want. I have no writing style so if it seems like there are different people writing each entry its because I am 23 and I am changing at an unprecedented rate. I am not the same person I was a year ago and I won’t be the person I am today a year from now. So if you’re up for it, join me on my new adventure that is blogging. 

     As I said, I originally wanted to make this blog about food but… I I’m not currently making any amazing food because I am on a diet. Thats right people, a DIET. Now when I say diet don’t misunderstand me. I am 23 years old, 66 inches tall and I weigh 143 pounds. I am healthy and I feel confident with how I look… most of the time. When I say diet I mean nutritionally. I would like to loose some fat because I am still on the upper end of the healthy body fat spectrum and I still have problem areas that are not my favourite to look at in the mirror. Let me tell you a bit more about my fitness story. 

    My mom did my a solid and fed me good food since I was young. She was into brown bread instead of white, a fruit or veggie with every meal and allowed and encouraged me to be involved in sports. After I was hooked on sports the fitness part was easy to keep up. Through high school I was in at least one and sometimes two sports at once with daily practices and weekend tournaments. My mom kept up on feeding me good food and all was good until… I moved out and high school sports ended. On top of that I got hit with a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. So what happens when you have too much homework to get out of the house, your consumption of processed food and refined sugar is through the roof, and you cant even sit in a car for more then 10 minutes without being in pain? Needless to say I backed on more than the freshman 15 and it had nothing to do with binge drinking. In retrospect my arthritis was likely brought on by my poor diet combined with intense stress that comes with moving out, gaining roommates, and having some serious homework. Getting the arthritis under control took from February till July of the same year and at that point I was clinically overweight, and I stayed that way for the duration of my degree.  My real and true cognizant fitness journey started a little over a year ago when I weighed 170 pounds and sick of being disgusted with my appearance when I looked in the mirror. So I decided it was time to do something about it. But I was lazy… I wasn’t willing to buy a gym membership and give up eating mr. pickles. So I started simple. I got myfitnesspal app and set a goal of decreased daily calories and got to work not eating better but definitely eating less. Now in hindsight I realize that although I can surely be lazy at times taking on what I could realistically chew (pun intended) was likely the reason that I am sitting here a year later I have lost 26 pounds and have taken on a 12 week body building transformation in hopes of doing just that, building the body I want. Interestingly this lesson inspires me on to a new topic: Imperfect progress. I will discuss that more later. Anyways. Thats all for now. More on fitness next time.