The Happy Wanderer

Mmmm traveling. I never really wanted to travel until we moved across the continent. All the new possibilities and places to see got me hooked on seeing the world. California is packed with a ton of great stuff to see and you don’t have to go very far.

My natural tendency is to want to plan plan plan. I want to have every second accounted for and see all there is to see. Unfortunately my desire to plan doesn’t fit me as a traveler. If I have a schedule I’m constantly checking the clock and looking at my phone figuring out directions and I am the furthest thing from present in the moment.

My last trip to LA was like that. When we got to LA I had a list and an itinerary and you know what? It sucked. It’s one of those trips that is a better memory than it was in reality. It wasn’t a waste of time though. On our way down we made a stop at Morro Bay and we had no agenda. We camped and rented a kayak and took it all in. I had a much more enjoyable time at Morro bay than LA.

It’s funny how I am such a planner and think I can handle an action packed vacation but hate having my time already spoken for and a Friday night eating pizza in front of the TV with the hubby sounds like a party. I like my time commitments to be minimal and if possible to be optional or spontaneous. My travel style is not go go go. My father in law has trips like that, and when I don’t have to make decisions and I can just follow along I really don’t mind too much (although I still usually duck out for a nap at some point). I just don’t have the energy to bounce from activity to activity. The idea of a resort with free food and drink and a giant pool with nothing to do sounds great. So does wandering the streets of Paris and trying out the first restaurant that looks good. Sometimes the reviews are wrong and just get in the way. Sometimes getting lost is ok. Sometimes spending 10 minutes at a farmers market or adventuring for an entire afternoon is better than feeling obligated to stay or feeling torn away because you have to hit your 2 hour scheduled amount of time.

I can’t say I have done that much traveling but in the future all my advanced arrangements will consist solely of a place to sleep and I will leave the details to chance.


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