Firestone Public House

Ok people, or lack of people, either way. I’m going to start a weekly (hopefully) blog about my culinary adventures in Sacramento. I’ve decided to get out and experience what it just outside my front door in the eclectic capitol.

Last Sunday the hubs and I ventured out to discovery park for some frisbee, then grabbed some gourmet coffee at temple house, and capped off the evening with some yums at Firestone Public House downtown. (Side note to any photographers out there downtown Sac on a Sunday is a photo shoot waiting to happen. NO people and tons of cool walls waiting to be captured).

So I’ll give a nod to discovery park because it was part of the day… But I probably wouldn’t go back. Really loud because it’s under a freeway and really crowded, at least one the weekend.

Temple coffee! Wow. What a cool little coffee shop. I’d recommend sitting outside as the music is a little intense inside. I was really intimidated and got the barista to decide for me. (This dispatcher doesn’t make decisions on her weekends if at all possible). I ended up with a vanilla latte which is pretty safe but it was the best latte I’d ever had. Hubs was brave and got a coffee, the Brazil Sierra de bonne. I’ve never tasted fruity notes in coffee before and it was delicious. Would definitely go back. I’d bet it’s pretty hoppin during the week, but lazy Sundays are more my style.


Firestone Public House was another success. We walked from temple and it was quite lovely. I ordered the ahi tuna burger with their waffle fries… Yummy! Genius (aka hubs) got the BBQ chicken pizza and that was a delight as well. To drink I had ordered the fauxjito but they ran out of mint so our lovely server brought out a raspberry basil fizz instead and it was pretty bomb. I need need need to go back for their lobster pizza. I was deciding between the two and our server said those dishes were her favorites but if I wasn’t super hungry to go with the burger. I’d like to go back tomorrow but alas the foreign students wife life, AND I have 117 restaurants left on my list. Can’t be any repeats just yet.




After dinner we walked back through the capitol park and went around the rose garden at least twice. I want my back yard to be filled with roses one day. So beautiful. It was a wonderful day of trying new things and that always feels like a vacation.





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