Oh Canada

**Warning: Snarky Canadian on the loose. Proceed only if armed with sense of humor***

If you’re going to assume things about me because I’m Canadian (ie thinking I represent an entire country), let’s move past bacon, Bieber and hockey. Let’s be a little more imaginative. I’m getting bored and when I get bored I get annoyed. And when I get annoyed I respond to questions like “Do all Canadians like hockey?” with questions like “Are all Americans stupid?”. Stereotypes right?? I will try to restrain myself and be polite but you have been warned.

Just for the record I’ve never been to B.C. or Toronto (one is a province one is a city but oddly enough those are the only two places most people I have met in California site when referencing Canada) but if I goI’ll be sure to ask them if they all like hockey and Bieber #notreally.

Unfortunately I also have never been to Quebec but they are pretty much their own country (or are at least trying to be) and so I couldn’t speak to their habits, likes or dislikes.

What I can tell you a lot about is the small city of Winkler where I grew up and the capitol city of Manitoba where I went to UNIVERSITY (#notcollege). If you want to know things about these places I can offer a higher degree of knowledge but I couldn’t speak for each individual.

I’d like to say that I think it’s cute or funny when I am constantly asked about whether I like certain things because they are Canadian but I can honestly say 99% of the time it just makes me tired. Try to understand. Most of the time I am quite polite and say something witty in response and smile. But I am becoming snarkier… hence this warning.

P.s. In light of the upcoming forth festivities I will say this. July 4th means nothing to Canada and the Canadian holiday is July 1st. Canada day celebrates the constitution act established in 1867. However I grew up 20 miles from the US boarder and so I’ve celebrated forth of July pretty much my whole life. For the record this is a legitimate question and would not annoy me normally but by about the 12th time in one day I will be tired… Yet again.


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