Food Trucks

The city of Davis has done a great job of keeping food trucks out of and frankly I find it upsetting.

Here is my response to this article:

The government is unfairly restricting entrepreneurial ventures here. I agree with the target and walmart example. They are known to drive away mom and pop shops but the government allows it. You can’t seriously believe that an Italian food truck in Davis would even come close to affecting something like Osteria Fasulo. It might affect a place like Paesanos but so would another Italian brick-and-mortar restaurant, and even more so because they offer the same experience. People don’t normally go to a food truck for a graduation dinner or a business lunch. It all depends on people’s food likes, dislikes, the occasion and mood they’re in. If you’re looking for convenience and speed and something you can take on the go you might consider a food truck but that also requires some research to find out where the truck will be and when. If you are craving Chinese food Panda Express might compete with Shanghai town but a place like burgers and brew doesn’t even spike on your radar. If you’re looking for ambiance for a date you pick a place based on that. As described in the article those people in line to get into the bars aren’t going to not go in because they grabbed a hot dog out front.

I work in an industrial area and there isn’t much around for food. Every day during the regular work week a food truck pulls into the parking lot. If it didn’t I wouldn’t be leaving the building to go somewhere else. But I buy from the truck because it literally comes to my “doorstep”. I could go on and on but I think to say it’s taking away from B&M places is missing the big picture.

Food trucks add to a city’s culture and vibe and in Davis case could absolutely raise the bar in terms of food quality. In a college town I think food trucks would be a booming business. Wouldn’t it be smart to do anything to make your city more attractive? Allowing food trucks to be present at the farmers market and other events might bring more people from outside of Davis to the market. You could also set up fees to be at the farmers market so that it’s pouring money back in.

Some brick-and-mortar restaurants say it’s unfair but I agree with Vculek sentiment that “that’s business”. The government shouldn’t be able to say that someone can find a way to offer a similar service at a lower cost shouldn’t be allowed to operate because it’s “not fair”. Boo hoo I think we are adults and can admit life isn’t fair. That’s the nature of capitalism. I’m sure Dos Coyotes has stolen business from mom and pop shops but I don’t think that keeps Coyote awake at night.

As one of the young people who would like to start a food truck I find this outrageous and I plan on closely following this issue.


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